SEO Server Header Checker Tool

View HTTP/HTTPS headers, server responses and status codes. Server Headers is your one stop tool to quickly extract useful SEO data from a URL and pull in more 3rd party metrics. No need for multiple SEO tools, get the important information you need all in one place - with helpful links to dive deeper.

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Note: The Full Report includes Google MobileFriendly and PageSpeed APIs and takes longer to run. The Quick Report does not include mobile friendly data, page speed data, blocked 3rd party resources, or the screenshot feature.



Server Header Checker Features:

  • View Server Responses & HTTP/HTTPS Status Codes, and TTFB - Crawler follows redirects.
  • Preview Meta Data against Google title tag pixel widths & character counts.
  • Calls out common SEO issues like multiple H1 tags, canonical issues, noindex tags, xml sitemaps, & more.
  • Detects microdata, alternate tags, AMP URLs, Canonical URLs, & Hreflang tags.
  • Select your user agent to check Googlebot or mobile phones.
  • Checks the URL against the site's Robots.txt file to see if it's blocked.
  • Detects N-grams within text content to help with topical relevance.
  • Returns a Google Mobile Friendly Score
  • Shows a Google Lighthouse Summary
  • Takes a screenshot as Googlebot!
  • Provides handy links for more SEO research.
Current limitations: Does not render Javascript (coming soon!), struggles with sitemap indexes or multiple xml sitemaps.

For feature suggestions or bug reports, please contact Ryan Jones